5 Decor Ideas Under $200 To Glam Up Any Bathroom

When spring weather hits, there’s something in the air that makes us want to throw off our winter hobbies, fling open the windows, and immediately start cleaning everything. Sometimes this change in the seasons also makes us want to try something new—like a different paint color on the walls or decorations that will make the room look fresh again.

One oft-used space that’s always in need of TLC is the bathroom.

Of course, a decor overhaul costs money. With summer gatherings and (hopefully) vacation plans on the very near horizon, your budget is likely being pulled in dozens of directions. So, to ensure you can make a few meaningful changes without stretching yourself too thin, we’ve put together a list of stylish products—all priced below $200—based on trending looks we’ve bookmarked on Instagram.

1. Floral wall appliqués

One of our favorite ways to dress up a bathroom without spending more than a few bucks is with these wall applications featured in a post by @homee_flowerss.

“Instead of wallpaper with preset patterns, use peel-and-stick vinyl applications that allow you to create your own unique arrangements on the walls,” says Courtney Wollersheim of FLOOR360. “Start with a single wall to test your custom layout. This is also a rental-friendly way to give your space a fresh update.”

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2. ‘Grandmillennial’ shower curtain

When you want to change the look and feel of a bathroom without going too far on the DIY route, one easy solution is to swap out the shower curtain. A stylish option, especially if you want a bright pattern, is the one seen in this “grandmillennial” look from @elizabethhaydesign.

“Grandmillennial interior design is the perfect antidote to minimalism and Scandi modernism,” says Robin DeCapua of Madison Modern Home. “It manages to give traditional elements a modern twist, creating a comfortable, sophisticated look.”

get the look: Up the ante on your grandmillennial style with this shower curtain.

3.Mod wallpapers

Looking for another bold and bright way to transform your bathroom? We’re inspired by the mod wallpaper seen in a post from @mattoboard.

“Not only can wallpaper be a budget-friendly option, it also adds a touch of nostalgia to the space, especially a print like this one,” says DeCapua.

get the look: Shop this mod-style peel-and-stick wallpaper.

4.Vintage mirrors

Vintage finds have always been the antidote to mass-produced decor, so if you’re feeling like your bathroom is nothing special, take a page from the designer Amber Lewis of @shoppeamberinteriors. We love how casual the propped-up mirror makes the rest of the space look.

“Add a touch of vintage charm to any bathroom without breaking the bank,” says DeCapua. “It’s no wonder this trend is so popular—it effortlessly combines old-world elegance with modern functionality.”

get the look: Shop your local antiques store, or adorn your vanity with one of these vintage-inspired mirrors.

5. Oil lamp-inspired wall sconces

New lighting will instantly transform the vibe of your bathroom. And, while we’re on the subject of vintage charm, these oil lamp-inspired wall sconces, seen in a post from @heidicaillierdesign, are sure to bring the drama.

“Oil lamp-inspired sconces bring a sense of warmth and comfort,” says DeCapua. “Whether you’re soaking in the tub or getting ready for the day ahead, the soft glow of the sconces creates a calming atmosphere to help you feel more relaxed and refreshed.”

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