5 Ideas for Decorating a Small Bathroom to Make it Comfortable and Still Stylish

TRIBUNBATAM.id – The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and it is very challenging to decorate because of its smaller size compared to other rooms.

However, that does not mean satisfied with a small space and limited storage space.

You can redecorate the smallest room in your home into a spacious oasis.

It is undeniable that decorating a small bathroom can sometimes be difficult.

Bathroom accessories will give you more flexibility regarding layout and design.

With enough space to display your favorite art and decorative items, a small bathroom can be a great place to create your own personal style.

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Reported from My Decorativehere are some ideas for decorating a small bathroom to make it feel comfortable and stylish.

1. Assemble the floating shelf

Floating shelves are an ideal choice for the area around the toilet.

Floating shelves are perfect for making finishing touches or organizing toiletries.

In addition, floating shelves are available in any shape and are easy to install manually.

This shelf is also useful for adding a few buckets or bins.

2. Towel rack

Working in a small bathroom doesn’t mean your creativity has to be limited.