Bathroom decor to avoid: Interior experts claim certain decor could ‘rot’ or ‘fall apart’

Bathroom decor should be tranquil and spa-like but should also provide privacy for homeowners. A busy-looking bathroom with multiple colors, patterns and textiles can feel overbearing and anything other than relaxing.

One of the ways homeowners can add privacy to their bathrooms is by adding window dressings – an interior design element that’s often forgotten about.

Due to bathrooms being one of the dampest rooms in the house, curtains are usually out of the question. Instead, homeowners should consider blinds.

Blinds are versatile, allowing homeowners to effortlessly add privacy while also adding a touch of style and color to match their desired aesthetic.

However, Helen O’Connor, product manager at 247 Blinds said there are certain styles which should be avoided in bathrooms.

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What to avoid in bathrooms

Some styles are simply not designed for the bathroom because it’s a room that is frequently exposed to moisture which can damage natural fabrics and materials.

Helen explained: “Certain fabrics can be susceptible to mold, and it is not always possible to allow enough airflow.

“PVC blinds or faux wooden blinds are perfect for those who want to include wooden blinds or wooden features in their bathroom.

“They are water, warp and crack resistant, making these blinds a robust, versatile and stylish option for any home.

“In any other room, real wooden blinds contribute to an overall sense of luxury and classic grandeur.

“Not to mention the added benefits of their strength and durability, however, they are not the best suited for a bathroom.

“When exposed to the wet and humid conditions of a bathroom, wooden blinds will quickly become damaged.

“Wood is a porous material vulnerable to rot, which means over time your blinds could soften and eventually fall apart.”

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“With moisture-resistant options available, roller blinds are more than suitable for wet and humid environments.

“Moisture-resistant coatings ensure that the blinds remain in good condition, and do not hold onto moisture or hold odors.

PVC roller blinds offer style along with a waterproof, flame-retardant coating – making these fantastic for both kitchens and bathrooms. Overall, roller blinds are an excellent choice for bathrooms, providing both functionality and style.”

“Vertical blinds also make for a great bathroom blind option as they’re available in a range of waterproof, PVC materials and take little effort to maintain. Again, with the ability to control light and privacy, they suit a bathroom space really well.”