Christina Hall Reveals One Popular Home Feature That Isn’t Worth the Money

Christina Hallthe host of “Christina on the Coast“, knows how to create the perfect main suite–but she warns that it might cost an arm, a leg, and a spare bedroom.

In the Season 5 episode, “Vacation Vibes,” Hall helps homeowners Terri and Sam make over their main bedroom, redo their main bathroom, and turn their daughter’s old bedroom into a luxurious closet. The couple allocates a hearty budget of $125,000 for the project, but with spa-worthy finishes and stylish additions, Hall ends up spending a steep $179,200 on the project.

But by the end, Hall proves that blowing the budget is sometimes worth the expense. With a relaxing bedroom, stunning bathroom, and a closet that can fit Terri’s massive clothing collection, the new suite is a true dream space.

Read on to find out which main-bedroom features Hall thinks are a must-have. Plus, find out which popular feature she says isn’t worth the money.

There are so many ways to decorate a bedroom wall

Before: The walls in this bedroom were plain and white.


Hall has lots of ideas to improve this primary suite, starting with the back bedroom wall.

“When you walk in the room, this is really the focal point,” She explains.

Her suggestions include painting the wall, applying wallpaper, or putting up shiplap—she notes that the shiplap could be painted gray and will add “a nice pop.” The HGTV star even says that she and James Benderthe design project manager, could install the shiplap themselves.

After: Now, there’s a stunning focal point.


Of course, Terri and Sam chose this option. Not only does it end up saving them money, but the feature looks great. The shiplap, which is painted gray, adds a custom feel to the room.

Don’t spend money on expensive built-ins

This TV stand is a less-expensive alternative to built-ins.


In the middle of the renovation, Terri and Sam said that they’d like to do some sort of special design around the TV in their bedroom. However, Hall and Bender say that this built-in would cost around $7,500. Seeing as Terri and Sam are already at the top of their budget, they decide against the custom feature.

However, Hall and Bender offer to bring in a cabinet to put under the TV. This piece of furniture is a smart alternative, as it adds some style to the room while also hiding unsightly TV cords.

There’s nothing more luxurious than a marble wall

Before: Christina Hall’s clients hated their small shower.


Terri and Sam complain that one of the biggest problems with their main suite is the bathroom. It’s small and dated, so Hall suggests removing the closet next to it to create one big bathroom with plenty of space for a double vanity and wet room.

Hall promises a spa-inspired bathroom, so she and her husband Josh Hall head to Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA, for some relaxation and design inspiration. Hall was impressed with the zellige tile in their hotel room and suggested bringing this material into Terri and Sam’s bathroom design.

wet room walls
After: This wet room is beautiful and luxurious.


However, Bender convinces Hall to go with marble for the wet room walls, saying, “You cannot get more five-star than marble walls. … So, you’re one-upping your Malibu experience from the zellige to the marble.”

Customize your closet-storage systems

spare bedroom
Before: This room used to be the clients’ daughter’s bedroom.


When designing Terri and Sam’s bedroom-turned-closet, Hall made an important point: A closet should include a variety of storage systems for a variety of items.

Terri needs space to hang dresses as well as storage for hats and purses; plus, she’d like to be able to display some of her favorite items. Meanwhile, Sam needs lots of space for shirts and pants as well as plenty of drawers.

“We can do double racks on the whole back wall and, on this side, we can do a lot of drawers and a lot of storage,” said Hall of Sam’s side.

Her design shows how closets are easily customized to be uniquely functional for each home owner.

After: This space is now a giant walk-in closet.


Don’t forget to declutter

Sometimes the best closet upgrade involves tossing out a few items.


Even after taking over a whole bedroom, Hall realized that the new closet might not have enough space for Terri’s many, many clothes. So, she suggests bringing in an organization company—something Hall says she does for her own wardrobe.

Terri has a hard time editing down her clothes and accessories, but when the work is done, Terri and Hall are pleased with the room they have to display special items. It makes for a less-cluttered and more beautiful new closet.

This episode demonstrates how the best home upgrades don’t always require construction or expensive design.