How to Create a Beautiful Floating Floral Arrangement

Layers of lovely is one of my favorite things. From layers of decor in a room to layers of beauty on a table. And for a special gathering – layers of magic join in. From twinkle lights to candles to flowers. And this floating floral arrangement is such a simple and easy way to add even more ambiance and charm. I promised to share the easy how-to on creating this look- breaking it down in today’s post and don’t miss the video that shows more details as well.

What is a ‘floating’ floral arrangement

A floating floral arrangement is just like it sounds – flowers that float. They can float in water- or they can float in the water. We are talking about flowers that are arranged and suspended to float on a table today. They can be attached to a freestanding frame such as a movable closet rod. Suspended from a pergola or other structure- or attached to a chandelier or other element like that.

Why adding flowers overhead is a good thing

I mean, any amount of more when it comes to flowers is adding another layer of beauty. But for me it is all about those layers and I think that extra ‘oomph’ in a floral overhead is such a beautiful romantic touch. And since it’s so easy to do, why not give it a go and see what you think?

How to Make a Floating Floral Arrangement

It really is super easy to make a floating floral arrangement- here is what I used:

  • Floral Wreath
  • Faux garland or greenery sprigs with flowers
  • Wire
how to make a floating floral arrangement

Simply take your wreath and flip it over to the backside showing up. I used some chains that came off of the hanging basket arrangement for this – but you can easily use wire or string. Take your wire and attach it to the wreath in 3 places equally spaced.

You don’t need to leave a ton of length in each wire unless you want to suspend the wreath down lower. I wanted the flowers tucked right up against the chandelier, so I kept them fairly short.

Attach the wires to the chandelier by simply twisting them in place to the frame of the chandelier. Adjust for the length you want and make sure that the wreath is hanging fairly level unless wonky is your go to preferred look.

attaching to a floral arrangement to a chandelier

Add a string of foliage garland or loose sprigs of greenery and flowers to ‘climb’ the chandelier and create a bit of added drama. Or skip this if you prefer just the wreath.

how to make a floating floral arrangement

Fluff the flowers and greenery to fill in and create the look you love and you are done.

TIP: Fluff and pull some of the foliage down towards the table also- this helps to create a ‘cascade’ of flowers and foliage that is a lovely touch too.

fluffing flowers on arrangement

What do you think of how this turned out? I am loving the look and as I mentioned in Monday’s post about the whole table setting- I have a few more looks and ways to incorporate those floating florals coming your way.

table with flowers and floating floral arrangements

Get the Look

  • Provence Rose Florals – I used the wreath and hanging basket