Investigators say acetone was used for a home improvement project that led to an explosion that injured a couple

Investigators say acetone was used for a home improvement project that led to an explosion that injured a couple

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LAYTON — A young couple is recovering in the hospital after their home exploded during a home improvement project on Saturday.

The couple suffered severe burns from the explosion, with Shea Kinsey receiving third-degree burns on over 50% of her body. Her husband of six months, Brandon Kinsey, who works in construction, carried her up the stairs to safety despite his own injuries.

“They’re in very difficult circumstances right now,” said Shea’s father, Kevin O’Brien. “Shea has burned over 50% of her body. (Brandon) still has very significant burns and will be (in the burn unit) for an extended period of time himself.”

Investigators with the Layton Fire Department said the vapors from the acetone the couple used to stain their concrete basement made contact with their furnace, most likely causing the explosion.

“Investigators are looking closer at the furnace that has no pilot light but instead uses an electronic igniter. The furnace room has more charring than anywhere else, indicating the point of origin,” explained Layton Fire Battalion Chief Jason Cook.

Cook said the explosion lifted a wall and caused it to fall over onto the neighbor’s house. He said the respirators they were wearing at the time may have saved the couple from even more internal injury.

Shea’s artwork, which her husband was concerned about, is not replaceable, and family members came to the house Monday to recover some of it.

“Her artwork is not replaceable, and so he was concerned about getting the artwork out of the house so that they would have it for Shea,” O’Brien said. “Shea is an accomplished and phenomenal academic. She has three masters and a doctorate degree.”

The family is now counting on well-wishes from the community as the couple will need months to recover in the hospital.

“If people would send all their prayers and hopes that Shea and Brandon make a full recovery as best they can,” he added.

Friends of the couple have set up a GoFundMe*.

* does not assure that the money deposited into the account will be applied for the benefit of the persons named as beneficiaries. If you are considering a deposit to the account, you should consult your own advisers and otherwise proceed at your own risk.


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