Lunenburg entrepreneur Joeci Gilchrest honored with award

Joeci Gilchrest

LUNENBURG – Joeci Gilchrest’s lifelong goal has always been to be happy.

She says she’s successful at that as the owner of a two-person home-improvement company You Name It, which the 27-year-old runs alongside her husband, John, 30.

Gilchrest was honored in April with the Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award by the Center for Women and Enterprise in recognition for her work in Central Massachusetts, for which she also got a $500 prize.

The award, which she received in Boston April 26, provided motivation above everything, according to her.

“We all need motivation,” said Gilchrest.

However, the road to it was not easy.

From left, Joeci Gilchrest, 27, Hildegard Gilchrest, 4, and John Gilchrest, 30, of Lunenburg.

When asked about her business, she points to 2018.

Then, she was four months pregnant, had just moved to Lunenburg, where she would unite with her husband, whom she had met years ago during a volunteer trip in Alaska.

Lunenburg is far different than Okla.

In Lunenburg she was in a place completely different from the one in Oklahoma, where she grew up.