Rebate programs make heat pumps a can’t miss home improvement option

Rebate programs make heat pumps a can’t miss home improvement option

In all areas of the country, Canadians are being encouraged to live their lives in ways that are more ecologically friendly, energy efficient, greener, and sustainable. Whether that means avoiding single use plastics and recycling or driving a fully electric vehicle, the collective goal is to ensure we’re all moving toward the future in a much more environmentally conscious manner.

When it comes to the systems operating in our homes, there are many choices that can be made to improve energy consumption and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Better insulation, improved window construction, net-zero design, and more efficient and versatile HVAC equipment all combine to reduce energy usage while increasing the value of our largest investment.

One of the best examples of versatility in an HVAC system is the heat pump, a highly efficient component that works to transfer heat rather than create it.

Air source heat pumps not only keep you warm on cold days, but they also cool your home on hot days. Heat pumps are so effective that the Government of Canada is offering incredible rebates for property owners who invest in new heat pumps, and that’s good news for consumers.

“There is a federal incentive program for installation of new heat pumps that can garner rebates of up to $6,500,” said Leigh Gallant, spokesperson for Nottawasaga Mechanical in Wasaga Beach. “Let’s say you have an aging air conditioner. Instead of replacing it with another air conditioner, replace it with a heat pump that gives you electrical heating and cooling capabilities, and a substantial rebate as an incentive.”

The knock against heat pumps in Canada was that they weren’t able to perform as effectively in cold winter temperatures. That is no longer the case according to Gallant.

Heat pumps have been around a long time. What is happening now is that the technology is catching up for cold climate. Previously heat pumps were only good about freezing, and then they were no longer as effective. The technology has since evolved extremely to the point where they can operate efficiently down to minus 30 degrees.”

With the continuing shift away from reliable equipment on fossil fuels and the enormous government-backed rebate programs now being offered, it truly is a good time to consider adding value and efficiency to your home through the installation of a new heat pump. It’s important when considering your options to choose a company with vast experience with the systems, and Gallant says Nottawasaga Mechanical is a locally-owned industry leader offering top name heat pumps from Mitsubishi, Lennox, Moovair and York.

“We are a service based firm that began nearly 40 years ago after. What sets us apart is our warranty and service everything we sell. We’re committed to our customers for the life of their products. We’re local. We live here and work here. And we offer true 24/7 emergency service. It’s our neighbors who may need us to show up at 11pm when their heating is out and pipes are about to freeze. We’re committed to keeping the community safe and warm.”

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