Spring Porch Decor – French Country Cottage

Something inspired by lavender and lovely today. And the best part is- this new look on your porch for spring can be put together in just a few minutes.

lavender spring door decor

First up- Thank you for all your lovely comments and thoughts on my post about ideas for adding a sun porch/room. You are definitely my kind of folks! 😊 I will share your notes with my husband as we chat about the possibilities and will keep you posted if that is the direction we go in.

Spring Door Decor

I’m all about simple and easy when it comes to decorating right now. In between all the busy with everyday things, simple and sweet is always a perfect way to dress up a front porch. I used just 3 things for this look- you can use any beautiful foliage you are drawn to and recreate the look easily. Sharing a quick video of putting it together below.


I started with draping garland around the door.

Drape garland around the door to ‘frame’ it with foliage.

spring door decor

In contrast to the layers of lovely with the London inspired doorscape here last spring- this foliage is a more wispy and wild look which is so charming. Simply use command hooks to attach and hang the garland right on those.


A wreath on the door is a lovely way to dress it up. My favorite thing about this one? That it is a large wreath but it doesn’t overwhelm the door since it isn’t too full.

spring door decor

How to Choose The Correct Size Wreath: A simple guideline is to measure your door for a starting point. A standard front door is usually 36″ wide- so a wreath that is in the 24″ size will be smaller and more tidy – and a wreath in the 28-30″ size will fill the door in more fully.

Vintage Market Basket

Tip: For a touch of personality- add a touch of whimsy. Like a vintage market cart filled with foliage.

vintage market basket spring decor

I knew that I wanted to add some foliage in a different way for a simple, charming look- and this vintage wooden slat market cart was perfect. I used 2 Lavender swags to fill this and set it next to the door.

You might remember when I found this one last year – I shared it in this post here.

spring door decor

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Stay tuned for another look for this foliage along with several ideas showing different decor options and ideas for spring. Happy Wednesday all.