This Underutilized Costco Membership Perk Can Save You Big on Your Next Home Renovation Project

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Your Costco membership includes a number of major perks that go beyond access to the warehouse club. These include discounts on travel, pharmacy services and — famously — access to some of the cheapest gasoline you can find in the US. But you may not know that your Costco membership also grants you access to affordable homes and installation services.

Here’s a closer look at what this perk entails.

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Costco Home and Installation Services: The Details

You can get many of the same services through Costco that you would through a home improvement store.

“Costco is proud to offer a variety of installed products and services to help transform the look and function of your home,” the company states on its site. “We’ve teamed up with experienced professionals to bring you the best products and installations on the market.”

Home improvement services offered by Costco include:

  • Water treatment services

  • Generator installation

  • Solar panel installation

  • Custom blinds, shades and shutters

  • Carpet and flooring installation

  • Home organization services

  • Garage door and opener installation

  • Cabinet refacing

  • HVAC installation

  • Gutter installation

  • Bath remodeling

  • Countertop installation

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Free Consultations

In addition to offering competitive pricing, Costco offers free in-home consultations to members interested in the home and installation services it provides. Other home improvement stores and service providers often charge a non-refundable fee for consultations.

You can book consultations via or by calling the numbers listed on the site for the particular service you are interested in.

“Our easy, straightforward process means you’ll get a free estimate and work with qualified consultants and craftsmen, from design to installation,” states Costco on its site.

Cash Back Perks

Another money-saving advantage of booking your next home renovation project through Costco is that many services come with cash back in the form of a Costco Shop Card. Depending on the service, you’ll get between 10% and 20% back on a Costco gift card. Because home improvement projects tend to be expensive, these cash-back cards can be significant, saving you big on your next trip to Costco for groceries or other essentials.

Executive members can save even more, as they’ll earn a 2% reward on many of the home improvement services they book through Costco.

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