Weekend View – French Country Cottage

Welcome to the weekend view.


A favorite thing to do is sit in the sun for a bit and watch some of the chickens out in the yard. Last week we had a couple of sunshine filled days that were perfect for getting a little bit of vitamin d and holding these fluff balls.

We have named one of the naked neck silkies George Henry- he is a fancy, fluffy little guy. The other who is a frizzled silkie -we think might be a girl- but waiting on confirmation before naming her.

Moving House

Last week we moved them into a different area of ​​the coop. We have a bachelor flock- which is basically what it sounds like. All roosters. We don’t have enough hens to balance the numbers properly and while some folks would just get rid of the roosters- we love them and know that they can live happily in a bachelor flock. So, the hens are together in one half of the coops- the roosters in the other.

The roos were a tad distressed with the change- they really are routine animals. So we spent some extra time with them in the new coop area until they calmed down. My husband was like the chicken whisperer- he had one in his lap and 5 others who jumped up to sit next to him. I shared a sweet video of him talking chicken to them on Instagram if you follow along over there.

Wrong Number

The backstory is that I told my brother I thought I had the wrong phone number for him in my contacts after I messaged him for his birthday in December and didn’t hear back. He laughed it off- and so I guessed that meant that he just didn’t reply – which is not unusual. Turns out- I was right and I didn’t have his new number. I text him to tell him to feel better -he had covid- and got a reply back. Ooooops. (and ‘wood on salts’ should say ‘Epsom’ salts haha) πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜†


This week, I was able to get back to doing some wandering and visiting some of my favorite blogs.

Love this post about a design challenge and finding the Best side table

Winter always makes me think about baking- this recipe for sweetbread sounds easy and delicious.

And on the blog here this week, I shared:

Happy Saturday everyone!