What Happened to Mike Herrera From ‘Fixer Upper’? Where He Is Now After Home Renovation

April 3, 2018, Fixer Upper concluded its five-season run on HGTV with a memorable home makeover. chips and Joanna Gaines pulled off an epic transformation for Mike Herrera and his family in the series finale titled “Rock Star Renovation.” Scroll below to find out what happened to him after the show.

Who Is Mike Herrera From ‘Fixer Upper’?

Mike is a musician who performs in the punk rock group MxPx. The vocalist was born in Washington and started the band in the early ’90s with his friends. In 2001, he married his wife, Holly Herrera. They welcomed two children together after tying the knot, daughter Sailor and son Rhodes.

What Happened to Mike Herrera From 'Fixer Upper'?

What Happened to Mike Herrera From ‘Fixer Upper’?

What Happened to Mike Herrera From ‘Fixer Upper’?

The couple decided to make the big move from Washington to Waco, Texas, and enlisted the help of Chip and Joanna to renovate the home of their dreams. They fell in love with a house that Chip dubbed “The Americano,” a spacious estate built in 1910. Mike and Holli purchased the property for a bargain price of $110,000 thanks to Chip’s negotiating skills.

When it came to making the house a home, Chip and Joanna wanted to incorporate some of Mike’s rocker edge into the decor. They painted the exterior charcoal gray and decked out the interior with their signature shiplap wall panels. The home design experts fitted each of the rooms with unique touches, including trays of vintage film canisters, metalwork made by Jimmy Don Holmesa restored fireplace and more.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of all was when Chip and Joanna transformed the garage into an at-home music studio for Mike. They added two sets of French doors to open up the space and a wooden wall that served as an acoustic diffuser. The episode was the perfect way to end the incredible series that was loved by millions.

Where Is Mike Herrera Now?

Mike and Holli both regularly post photos of their family on their Instagram accounts. their Fixer Upper home serves as the backdrop of many of their snapshots, indicating that they still live in the house.

While they absolutely love how their gorgeous estate turned out, the pair still frequently travel to Washington with their kids. On top of traveling, Mike is still actively performing with his band and hosts his own podcast about music, entrepreneurship and a variety of other topics.