You’ve Been Wasting Precious Space With Your Zelda: TOTK House Designs

in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link can flaunt his architectural skills by building a house of his own, but even the most talented of builders may accidentally be using up unnecessary space. Indeed, the Hero of Hyrule is gifted with an entirely empty lot after completing the “Mattison’s Independence” side quest, giving him the freedom to choose and arrange the various available rooms to his liking. However, with 18 different rooms and the capacity for only 15, players will need to be smart with what they place on the lot, and one trick can help them maximize their available rooms.

Of course, Link’s customizable house in TOTTK isn’t his first place of residence. in Breath of the Wildthe Zelda the protagonist became a homeowner in Hateno, living in a small, humble cottage in the equally small, humble village. However, as some players have discovered, it looks like Link no longer owns the Hateno home – or that Zelda resides there too, implying that Link and Zelda are dating in TOTTK. Regardless of his property in Hateno (or his relationship status), Link can assert full control of his own, personalized home on the outskirts of Tarrey Town – but he should be careful not to accidentally waste space by making a common mistake.

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Link standing inside a house in Tears of the Kingdom, in front of some indoor stairs.

Building stairs for Link’s house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is completely unnecessary. Although they can look quite nice – as demonstrated by King-X on YouTube – they are ultimately a waste of space, thanks to the Ascend ability. Instead of manually building a flight of stairs, finding the right spot for them, and using up one of their 15 available rooms, players should simply use the Ascend ability to seamlessly travel from room to room. As long as the floor plan is somewhat open in nature, and it’s possible to climb down from upper-level rooms, it’s a foolproof way to conserve some valuable space.

Avoiding Stairs Makes Space For Better Rooms In TOTK

Link moving parts of a custom build house with Ultrahand in Tears of the Kingdom.

After all, with a total of 18 different rooms to choose from (and only two of them being stairs), eliminating these pointless spaces takes some weight off of Link’s shoulders, giving him the opportunity to include one of almost every available room type. Even if players aren’t looking to create a massively diverse build, doing so allows them to use multiples of the best rooms in Tears of the Kingdom, without having to worry about logistics. For example, if players want to show off their collection with several Weapon Stand Rooms, they’ll have an easier time doing so without weighing them down.

Knowing this, there’s virtually no reason to build stairs for Link’s house in Tears of the Kingdom. They may add a touch of realism, but it comes at the sacrifice of other, better spaces that Link will actually benefit from having; plus, the fictional, fantastical setting of Hyrule doesn’t exactly abide by real-life physics in the first place. With the ability to Ascend up their sleeves (or arms, rather), players should skip building stairs for Link’s house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Source: King-X/YouTube